Personal Training

Do you want to change your body image and loss weight? Educare focus on self-care while using fitness and resistance training to building confidence, improving your fitness and your mindset while helping you to reach your goals. We want to make fitness a lifestyle for you.

Are you ready for a change but need some help?

Are you interested in having more energy, improved self-esteem and confidence?

Are you ready to be your best self?

Educare Selfcare Studio is here to help and hopefully have some fun doing so!

We love to help individuals just like you on their journey of TRANSFORMATION.

Our mission is to help our clients live their BEST LIFE by focusing on SELF-CARE, both MIND & BODY, and help them as they move toward a better place of SELF-LOVE, HEALTH & HAPPINESS.

Educare Selfcare Studio’s individual and group STRENGTH TRAINING Programs are designed based on individual need and goals.

Our programs focus on building your core strength, muscle mass and other benefits that come with resistance training.

Educare Selfcare Studio’s   APPROACHES TO EXERCISE are focused on

  • Creating a non-judgemental, accepting and fun environment!
  • Individualized plan based on your specific needs to get your where you want be
  • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time to keep you on track and focused on the results you want
  • Before and After photos
  • Access to consultation for diet and nutrition planning

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