Greg is a well-rounded, centered and conscientious individual. He is community-oriented, has enriched experience and knowledge in his field. He has a dynamic style in which he can provide innovative and individualized interventions for each of his clients. He leads an exceptional example in which he promotes self-care and ongoing learning which makes it motivating for clients to do the same.

I have been able to refer [people] to a professional who is community and culturally relevant and represented which makes a lasting impact. He was a part of PEACH’s first community health conference which garnered lasting conversations, engagement and outreach and networking for Greg and his organization. Along with our mental health conference, he promoted and participated in our mental health 4k run. He has had recurring and consistent counselling sessions with clients at the PEACH location. He has conducted interviews for our radio station and conducted mental health workshops for back-to-back summers for our youth summer program. He is an integral part to our organization.

My organization has gained a trusted and synergistic partnership, enhanced wraparound support, peer, youth, community and organization mentor. Greg has provided counselling to youth to program youth, drop-in clients, youth involved in criminal justice system/street-involved etc. Greg is a community leader and an asset to the partnership, projects and initiatives that we execute.

Greg is loyal, hardworking and can meet his clients where they are. He is well composed and is very consistent with a non-judgemental, anti-oppressive approach. Greg wants nothing more but to provide support, honesty and transparency and transformational results to empower his clients towards ongoing self-care and education. I have recommended and would continue to recommend Educare Selfcare Studio’s services to youth, community members, agencies, events and any opportunity for all determinants of health. PEACH would like continued partnerships and opportunities to observe growth in Mr. Leslie and his organization.

S.C, PEACH, Executive Director

Greg is very organized, knowledgeable, transparent and comes with a lot of experience. Since working with Greg, we have achieved additional program structure, facilitation skills with substance all while he has a positive energy, dedication, honesty and respect. PEACH has benefited from Greg’s strong cultural approach he brings to his work, which is inline with PEACH’s values. Educare and PEACH compliment each other’s framework and understanding of diversity. People should know that Educare is dedicated and Greg has a lot of patience and experience. I would recommend Educare services because you can expect highly professional and dedicated services.

Anonymous, PEACH, Social Worker