I work as a supervisor in the social service sector and I work part-time. Having 2 jobs means I live a pretty busy lifestyle.

I’ve been training with Greg one-on-one since 2015 and participating in his fitness class once a week since summer 2017. I now have greater flexibility and strength and live healthier lifestyle.

Greg has great energy and is kind-hearted and caring professional. He is a patient person who finds time to learn about his clients and provides them resources to reach their goals.

STACY, Toronto

I work full time and when I started training with Greg I was 153 pounds, I went down to 144 pounds and my goal weight is 138 pounds. I used to be uncomfortable with change but since working with Greg, I’m now able to deal with change a lot better.

Greg pushed me beyond my fitness goals; working together was a way for me to feel strong and capable. The support he provided really helped me believe in myself.

Greg is very easy to get along with and works in a judgement free zone. You can tell the love and passion he has to help people live their best lives.

EMELIE, Toronto

I would absolutely recommend Greg’s Personal training and self-care-program to my friends and co-workers.

I’m a busy father two children and work 10 hour days at two jobs. When I started working out with Greg I was 232 pounds, I have lost almost 10 pounds now and my goal is to get my weight down to 200 pounds. It has been a very fun and positive experience, each week I learn more on how to better take care of my body.

MARLON, Toronto

I’m a student and work part-time. I take EDUCARE SELFCARE STUDIO’s fitness class once a week.  The classes are fun. I like the positive energy and feel motivated throughout the session.

Since working out with Greg I am more fit, more toned, more active and more conscious about what I eat. When I work out on my own I have better form and technique and I’m more disciplined.

I now enjoy working out and look forward to each class. In Greg’s classes, you feel his energy, intensity and positive motivation. The feedback he provides you is realistic (key) to achieving your personal goals.

Joni, Toronto

I own my own business and I work part-time as a Personal Support Worker. The greatest results I’ve gained from training with Greg so far is improved energy; now when I am working I don’t feel sluggish. My posture has also improved and I lost fat and inches all over my body! I also have more consistency in my life, which is a huge thing for me!

Not what I like, what I love about Greg is his supportive nature and how he sets the stage for growth and progress. My goals are my own accomplishment and Greg makes me feel proud of my achievements no matter how small they are.

Greg is a positive person and shows respect without judgement so I look forward to our training sessions. He’s one of the best trainers I’ve had.

SHARON, Toronto